Brand new Intel, same old story

Intel today unveiled its new corporate logo having raised the famous e and has removed the tag line Intel Inside™ with a flashier Leap ahead™ with a linear Intel™.

Brand new Intel, same old story

The move comes after 37-years when the original Intel logo was designed in 1968 by founders Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce.

In 1991 Intel added the phrase Intel Inside™ which made it the 5th most valuable brand in the world.

Brand new Intel, same old story

The firm has seen radical shift in its direction ever seen since Paul Otellini took over the helm from veteran Craig Beret. First of it, a realization that Gigahertz no more matter, that faster isn’t better, something rival AMD had championed before.

Its billion dollar Itanium series was a flop. It adopted a new 3-digit processor numbering system and scrapped plans for the successor to Pentium 4 code named Tejas™, and finally added 64-bit extentions to its P4 line, when AMD already had a 2-years lead. It seemed that AMD had been pushing the right buttons while the giant slept.

The move is not only related to Intel processor line, which its core business but more of an overall marketing strategy to re-brand Intel as a company to be more than a semi-conductor giant. This marketing strategy was spearheaded by none other than CMO Eric Kim who had previously transformed Samsung into a global brand.

Intel have realized that their profits cannot only lay in their flagship Pentium series processors and have diversified into the living room products such as the upcoming Viiv platform.

Intel also released the much awaited Yonah™ dual core successor to Dothan™ (the 533FSB 2MB L2 Pentium M) officially named as Core Duo (having a 667FSB) and Core Solo (having a single core). Intel will certainly look at 2006 to Leap ahead™. Download the new Intel brand architecture logos from here.

Ed’s note: This note was written in the first week of Jan 2006.


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