How Tech companies got their names

Adobe – This came from name of the river Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of founder John Warnock.

Apple Computers – It was the favorite fruit of founder Steve Jobs. He was three months late in filing a name for the business, and he threatened to call his company Apple Computers if the other colleagues didn’t suggest a better name by 5 o clock.

CISCO – It is not an acronym as popularly believed. It is short for San Francisco.

Compaq – This name was formed by using COM, for computer, and PAQ to denote a small integral object.

Corel – The name was derived from the founders name Dr.Michael Cowpland. It stands for COwpland REsearch Laboratory.

Google – The name started as a joke boasting about the amount of information the search-engine would be able to search. It was originally named Googol, a word for the number represented by 1 followed by 100 zeros. After founders – Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page presented their project to an angel investor, they received a cheque made out to Google.

Hotmail – Founder Jack Smith got the idea of accessing e-mail via the web from a computer anywhere in the world. When Sabeer Bhatia came up with the business plan for the mail service, he tried all kinds of names ending in mail and finally settled for hotmail as it included the letters html – the programming language used to write web pages. It was initially referred to as HoTMaiL with selective uppercasing.

Hewlett Packard – Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard tossed a coin to decide whether the company they founded would be called Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett.

Intel – Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore wanted to name their new company Moore Noyce but that was already trademarked by a hotel chain so they had to settle for an acronym of INTegrated ELectronics.

Microsoft – Coined by Bill Gates to represent the company that was devoted to MICROcomputer SOFTware. Originally christened Micro-Soft, the – was removed later on.

Motorola – Founder Paul Galvin came up with this name when his company started manufacturing radios for cars. The popular radio company at the time was called Victrola.

ORACLE – Larry Ellison and Bob Oats were working on a consulting project for the CIA. The code name for the project was called Oracle (the CIA saw this as the system to give answers to all questions or something such). The project was designed to help use the newly written SQL code by IBM. The project eventually was terminated but Larry and Bob decided to finish what they started and bring it to the world. They kept the name Oracle and created the RDBMS engine. Later they kept the same name for the company.

Sony – It originated from the Latin word sonus meaning sound, and sonny a slang used by Americans to refer to a bright youngster.

SUN – Founded by 4 Stanford University buddies, SUN is the acronym for Stanford University Network. Andreas Bechtolsheim built a microcomputer; Vinod Khosla recruited him and Scott McNealy to manufacture computers based on it, and Bill Joy to develop a UNIX-based OS for the computer.

Yahoo! – The word was invented by Jonathan Swift and used in his book Gullivers Travels. It represents a person who is repulsive in appearance and action and is barely human. Yahoo! Founders Jerry Yang and David Filo selected the name because they considered themselves yahoos.

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The Carpenter

Once upon a time, two brothers who lived on adjoining farms fell into conflict. It was the first serious rift in 40 years of farming side by side, sharing machinery, and trading labor and goods as needed without a hitch.

Then the long collaboration fell apart. It began with a small misunderstanding that grew into a major difference, and finally it exploded into an exchange of bitter words followed by weeks of silence.

One morning there was a knock on Johns’ door. He opened it to find a man with a carpenters toolbox. I am looking for a few days work, he said. Perhaps you would have a few small jobs here and there. Could I help you?

Yes, said the older brother. I do have a job for you. Look across the creek at that farm. That’s my neighbor; in fact, it’s my younger brother. Last week there was a meadow between us, then he took his bulldozer to the river levee, and now there is a creek between us.

Well, he may have done this to spite me, but I’ll give him one better. See that pile of lumber curing by the barn? I want you to build me a fence, an 8-foot fence, so I won’t need to see his place anymore. Cool him down, anyhow.

The carpenter said, I think I understand the situation. Show me the nails and the post-hole digger, and I’ll be able to do a job that pleases you.

The older brother had to go to town for supplies, so he helped the carpenter get the materials ready, and then he was off for the day.

The carpenter worked hard all that day measuring, sawing and nailing. About sunset, when the farmer returned, the carpenter had just finished his job.

The farmers eyes opened wide, his jaw dropped. There was no fence there at all. It was a bridge a bridge stretching from one side of the creek to the other! A fine piece of work, handrails and all, and the neighbor, his younger brother, was standing at the other end, his hand outstretched, and said, you are quite a fellow to build this bridge after all I’ve said and done!

The two brothers stood at each end of the bridge, and then they met in the middle, taking each others hand. They turned to see the carpenter hoist his toolbox on his shoulder.

No, wait! Stay a few days. I’ve got a lot of other projects for you, said the older brother.

I’d love to stay on, the carpenter said, but, I have many more bridges to build.

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American Pie 5: Apple Boot Camp

There’s no Jim (Jason Biggs), Steve (Seann William Scott) or Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), but you’ll find lots of Apple hardware and one Windows XP. Apple today announced support of installing Windows XP on its Mac systems through Boot Camp Beta.

Apple in 2005 abandoned IBM PowerPC architecture in favour of Intel processors, and released its first Intel-Macs in January this year.

The shift to the x86 architecture logically enables installation of all Windows and *nix OS on Apple systems. Boot Camp allows dual boot of Windows XP and Apple’s flagship Mac OS X 10.4 (Panther) or higher.

American Pie 5: Apple Boot Camp

Incase you are wondering about Mac drivers for XP, Boot Camp Assistant will burn a CD containing all your Windows drivers. You can download the official installation guide here.

American Pie 5: Apple Boot Camp

Apple in my opinion is the classiest hardware designer of any OEM. They are always the first to innovate. My reluctance to own an Apple Pie has been due to its snub niche, where by majority of the software designed for Windows could not be installed on it.

Two reasons why this didn’t appeal: one, software free or purchase is enormous for Windows, not for Mac. Two, the Rs. 25 CD from Jumbo is god sent, I can’t pay $499 to buy Mac Office Pro for an iBook!

Yet the software designed by Apple for OS X are the best in its class, such as iLife, iWork and its audio-video pro apps are a stronghold for Apple which you wont find on Windows, translating to owning a Mac.

Boot Camp changes all this, now there’s a chance to enjoy both of the worlds in one system, as you are just a restart away to switching between the two OS. 😉