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American Pie 5: Apple Boot Camp

There’s no Jim (Jason Biggs), Steve (Seann William Scott) or Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), but you’ll find lots of Apple hardware and one Windows XP. Apple today announced support of installing Windows XP on its Mac systems through Boot Camp Beta.

Apple in 2005 abandoned IBM PowerPC architecture in favour of Intel processors, and released its first Intel-Macs in January this year.

The shift to the x86 architecture logically enables installation of all Windows and *nix OS on Apple systems. Boot Camp allows dual boot of Windows XP and Apple’s flagship Mac OS X 10.4 (Panther) or higher.

American Pie 5: Apple Boot Camp

Incase you are wondering about Mac drivers for XP, Boot Camp Assistant will burn a CD containing all your Windows drivers. You can download the official installation guide here.

American Pie 5: Apple Boot Camp

Apple in my opinion is the classiest hardware designer of any OEM. They are always the first to innovate. My reluctance to own an Apple Pie has been due to its snub niche, where by majority of the software designed for Windows could not be installed on it.

Two reasons why this didn’t appeal: one, software free or purchase is enormous for Windows, not for Mac. Two, the Rs. 25 CD from Jumbo is god sent, I can’t pay $499 to buy Mac Office Pro for an iBook!

Yet the software designed by Apple for OS X are the best in its class, such as iLife, iWork and its audio-video pro apps are a stronghold for Apple which you wont find on Windows, translating to owning a Mac.

Boot Camp changes all this, now there’s a chance to enjoy both of the worlds in one system, as you are just a restart away to switching between the two OS. 😉


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