Auto Wudu

Auto Wudu


3 thoughts on “Auto Wudu

  1. It is true, you can check:

    The problem with this machine is that it removes the aspect of using either hands to wipe over your limbs, which is the traditional wudu.

    The question is whether if the process of touch is removed, whether our wudu can be accepted seems to be agreed by Ausi muslims and Allah knows better!

    I am not a scholar honestly to argue on this but I acknowledge the creativity of the muslim inventor.

    I hope Islam will always remain true to its root and its traditional methods don’t get superceeded. 🙂

    Thanks Javeria

  2. Hmmm,
    Still i think its a nice proper way of doing wudu.

    Muslims waste a lot of water when doing wudu and Mosque toilets look as if just hit by a flood! hehe.
    I think this would eliminate a lot of water wastage and keep the facilities clean too.

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