Nairobi winter

Its a welcome to come home yesterday after enduring continuous 40° celcius heat bombardments over the past month in Karachi. Well its winter, the temperatures here vary b/w 10° – 20°, and rains frequently.

I am overjoyed to be back at home, for good. 🙂


Gates visits Kenya

It looks like Billy boy paid us a secret visit; he jetted in yesterday from Rwanda where he unveiled a plan to build a US $900K health facility there, and headed directly to the world famous Maasai-Mara game reserve to stay at a privately owned camp which has been kept a secret. Gates visits at the best time to witness the annual wildebeest migration from Serengeti national park in Tanzania and leaves for Nairobi today for a possible departure back home.

Earlier this year Melinda Gates appeared in public in Kisumu (Western Kenya) to assess the war on Aids and stayed at the Nairobi Serena before flying-off.

If I am correct Billy boy will retire as CSA of M$ on July 2008 to concentrate full-time on his philanthropic duties with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but will remain as the chairman of the Redmond firm and as a senior technical advisor.

World Cup comes home

He bit his fingers, jumped up and down, cursed the referee, banged the sofa, ran to the TV and sang whole night:

“Italy, Itali……Itali, Itali, Italy……” {sung fast, chorus}

And when Fabio Grosso put the final nail in the ‘Les Bleus’ coffin, he celebrated whole night, as the ‘Azzurris’ triumphed and avenged previous defeats.

Finally, the champions of the world.

World Cup comes home

World Cup comes home for Baggio for Maldini. 🙂

WordPress Upgrade

Upgraded to WP 2.0.3, and they just added the two best features I was looking for:

1. On demand backup (MySQL db only)

2. Akismet spam plugin

To use “on demand backup”, you need to login to the Dashboard, click Manage, and Backup is the last tab. I love the option of emailing my backup to my Gmail account.

To activate Akismet anti-spam, you need a API key, which you can obtain freely by signing up for blog, and then checking your profile page, which you can reach by clicking “My Account” on the top-right when you log-in. Once done copy the API key and click Plugins from the Dashboard, click Activate and enter the key for your blog to start using it. Viola.

I now don’t have to delete around 20 spam comments daily. 🙂