Gates visits Kenya

It looks like Billy boy paid us a secret visit; he jetted in yesterday from Rwanda where he unveiled a plan to build a US $900K health facility there, and headed directly to the world famous Maasai-Mara game reserve to stay at a privately owned camp which has been kept a secret. Gates visits at the best time to witness the annual wildebeest migration from Serengeti national park in Tanzania and leaves for Nairobi today for a possible departure back home.

Earlier this year Melinda Gates appeared in public in Kisumu (Western Kenya) to assess the war on Aids and stayed at the Nairobi Serena before flying-off.

If I am correct Billy boy will retire as CSA of M$ on July 2008 to concentrate full-time on his philanthropic duties with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but will remain as the chairman of the Redmond firm and as a senior technical advisor.


3 thoughts on “Gates visits Kenya

  1. Good to hear that you are in good health and back to your writing best.
    I hope things are all well in kenya.
    Talkin of philanthropic work , it seems like all the billionaires are catching up.
    Warren Buffet , the stock guru , has apparently joined hands with Bill Gates and is contributing to the foundation as well.
    Makes one wonder , after all that they have been busy achieving their whole lives , they finally realise the importance of such work, along with the satisfaction one can achieve.

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