Nairobi winter

Its a welcome to come home yesterday after enduring continuous 40° celcius heat bombardments over the past month in Karachi. Well its winter, the temperatures here vary b/w 10° – 20°, and rains frequently.

I am overjoyed to be back at home, for good. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Nairobi winter

  1. Yup, winter it is till August here at the Equator, we have opposite weather as you enjoy summer in the Northern hemisphere, and it will be summer in December and it gets hot!

    Well, I am from Mombasa, my parents are there, I will be leaving for it in a few days. My brother, uncle n family are working here.

    I have lived eight years in Nrb, did my primary education here, so I call both places home 🙂

  2. Hey Shayan,

    U have made the BEST site i have ever seen!

    That’s great, Kenya is and will always be a beautiful HOME.

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