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Windows Vista and Office 2007 Packaging and Pricing

Microsoft has unveiled the packaging for all versions of the new Windows OS Vista and Office 2007. The new packaging consists of glossy plastic cases to hold the DVDs ensuring long life of the disc contained.

Vista Ultimate:

Vista Ultimate

Office 2007 Pro:

Office 2007 Pro

All family:

All family

Vista and Office 2007 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) will be available to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) on November 30, so that branded or boutique systems running on Vista with Office 2007 are made available. Whereby, Vista and Office 2007 retail (pictured above) will be available to the public at large on Jan 30, 2007.

Microsoft will also be offering the Windows Vista Upgrade program that will let users upgrade to Vista after Nov 30 who choose XP on all new purchases. The users can avail 50% discount on upgrade prices to Home Basic or Home Premium.

The only exception being that one cannot upgrade to Vista Ultimate from XP, a full version needs to be purchased.

Upgrade paths:
Vista Business from XP Pro, XP Tablet PC Edition and XP Pro x64 Edition
Vista Home Basic from XP Home
Vista Home Premium from XP Home, XP Media Center Edition 2005
Vista Ultimate no upgrade path

The above assumes that you already have a licensed XP running on your system and to migrate to Vista you only need to purchase the lesser priced upgrade Vista DVD.

Pricing (full/upgrade):
Vista Business $299/199
Vista Home Basic $199/99
Vista Home Premium $239/159
Vista Ultimate $399/NA
Office Home and Student 2007 $149/NA
Office Professional 2007 $499/329

Initial benchmarks also confirm that DX9 games run slower on Vista than on XP, this was similar with XP on its release DX8 games ran faster on Win 98/ME!

But users were forced to abandon the previous OS as new graphic cards drivers and game developers chose to support XP only. And in order to improve benchmarks (improve frame rates) users had to purchase more powerful graphics card and upgrade systems to get similar or better performance than that offered under Win 98/ME architecture.

Continuing the tradition, Halo 2 for PC will only run on Vista so you’ll need at least 1 Gig RAM (recommended for Vista), a 512MB graphics card, probably a new hard disk, hmmm maybe a dual core cpu, ohh I forgot and a new mobo…!!!

History repeats itself. 😉


Master Saanj

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