Kenyans in Britain

A recent report by The Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) produces the following facts:

· There are estimated 123,600 people who were born in Kenya who live and work in UK.
· The Kenyan expatriate community is the 13th largest in the country.
· The community is a mixture of Kenyan African, white Kenyans, Kenyan Asians and asylum seekers.
· It is one of the most productive of all immigrant communities to the UK.
· Kenyans in the UK earn on average £24,500 pa.
· Kenyans are the second biggest home owners of immigrants in UK behind Indians.
· 82% of the community owns a house.
· They are least likely to claim benefits from the social welfare system.
· 80% are employed, while 19% are self-employed.
· They earn on average £12.50 per hour.

Source: partly quoted from “Kenyans in Britain active in economy” by Paul Redfern, Daily Nation correspondent, London.


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