Mwazaro beach resort

Taken on October 20 at Mwazaro beach resort in south coast together with all my colleagues, left very early morning for a whole day exercise about 1.5 hours drive south from Mombasa.

This annual bank sponsored event lets the staff choose the location of the retreat. The aim of the exercise is to develop bonding and teamwork, as staff are divided regardless of age, gender or designation into teams and have to participate in various logical and physical games while having lots of fun.

Activities included puzzle solving, beach volleyball, beach soccer, lunch, swimming (optional), and a late afternoon walk to a local shrine.

Mwazaro beach resort

Mwazaro beach resort

Mwazaro beach resort

Mwazaro beach resort



  1. Maasai Knight

    Mombasa RAHA!

  2. Faraz Noorani

    Wow man Shayan, this place is soooo beautiful, its like something out of the movies.
    Is it hot in this place all year round?
    Is this place near your residence?

  3. Hey Faraz, nice to hear from you man, no it’s not hot through out, around December Kenya boils. It is an hours’ drive from Mombasa.


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