Glimpses in the past

keep walking,
keep talking,
you don’t know what’s round the corner,
keep peeping,
the sun will shine,
the moon will dance,
keep trying,
keep flying,
for we all fail,
for we all rise,
from the ashes of the phoenix,

~ Master Saanj


Opinion about two person (Hadith)

Reproduced below without any alteration whatsoever.

Some people were sitting with the Prophet (SAW) when a person passed that way. The Prophet (SAW) asked of the company:

“What do you think of this person?”

They replied:

“O, Prophet of Allah! He is the scion of a good family. By Allah, he is such that if he seeks in marriage the hand of a woman of the most illustrious family, he would not be rejected. If he recommends anybody, his recommendation would readily be accepted.”

Thereupon the Prophet (SAW) held his peace. A little later, another person happened to pass that way, and the Prophet (SAW) put the same question to his companion about that person also.

They replied:

“O, Prophet of Allah! He is a very poor Muslim. If he is betrothed somewhere, chances are that he will not get married. If he happens to recommend anybody, his recommendation is not likely to be accepted. If he talks, few would listen to him.”

Thereupon the Prophet (SAW) remarked:

“This latter person is better than a whole lot of such persons as the former.”

Belonging to a good family carries absolutely no weight with Allah. A poor Muslim, who is of little esteem and who commands but little respect in this world, is far nearer to Allah than hundreds of the so-called noblemen who, though respected and attended upon by the worldly people, are far from the path of Allah. It is said in Hadith:

“It will be the end of this world when there remains not a single soul to hymn the name of Allah. It is by the holy name of Allah that the system of this universe is running.”

Source: Chapter III, pg 70, FAZA’IL-E-A’MAAL, Stories of the SAHAABAH, volume 1 (Aug 1994) by Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Muhhamad Zakariyya