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“No matter how bad your day was, how unappreciated you feel, chocolate will always be there for you. It won’t judge, criticise, tell what you should or shouldn’t have done. It will just offer you smooth, rich, sweet, slightly bitter, familiar comfort.”

Quoted from ‘10 Reasons to eat chocolate after dinner’ by Riani de Wet, Friday magazine

When I was in primary there was this hadith that my Islamic studies teacher narrated of the Prophet (Saw) which I cannot recall extensively.

There was an alley that the Prophet (SAW) passed through and every time He did there was an old lady who threw garbage and eggs through the window down onto him. The lady was a non-believer like the many residents of the cities. One day as the Prophet (saw) passed, and noticed on that day there was no garbage thrown onto him went to inquire and found out that the lady was sick that day. The lady was deeply moved by the kindness of the Prophet for she always thought of him as the enemy and embraced Islam.

I hope I haven’t described it incorrectly, I will try to search, verify and correct if necessary.

Coming back to present, likewise sometimes you may not have done something wrong or may have been disregarded, and if you follow the above people today may either think you are stupid, or that they were right all along and that you have now conceded.

Times have changed, society has changed. Everyone wants more and better. Humbleness is out of fashion and best suites the Neanderthal. Career, glamour, rank within you peers is life defining and status quo. However, the higher the climb the larger the fall.

Education is supposed to liberate people from their mental chains yet people carve it as their niche and segregate themselves in the upper strata.

There is no reward without sacrifice. There is no peace without prostration.


Master Saanj

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