Windows XP SP3

I was originally going to post why Vista sucks which has made my Core 2 look like a P II, and was therefore going to install XP SP2. But then considering that Vista Home Premium OEM costs around $200 (or more) and that you’ve paid for it in the purchase price you are better off utilizing the OS to justify that money spent or wait for Vista SP1 to be out in Q2 08.

When Vista launched Q4 last year M$ prompted it won’t support previous Windows versions in order to influence Vista sells, and head the market in that direction. So the much awaited SP3 was officially dead, and users could download individual post-SP2 patches through Windows Update.

However, since Vista is slower and less productive then XP, it looked XP wouldn’t die that easily, and that’s why MS decided to roll-out the abandoned SP3. There are also rumours that Vista is dead and that MS will release a new Windows in 2009, a sad story considering that it took five years after XP’s Oct 2001 debut to launch the new RAM intensive OS with fancy Aero interface, and a dead DX10 support so far. MS later denied the release stating it will as schedule launch Windows 7 in 2011.

User can install SP3 RC2 through WU after downloading and installing the script that will enable their systems to see and install SP3 via WU or download the 315MB executable. However, I believe WGA validation may block pirated copies from downloading the update via WU.

Hopefully, a final version download as a single executable will be made available soon, and that XP CDs with integrated SP3 will hit the market. The overview and new features of SP3 can be found here.

In separate news EU has fined MS $1.3bn in the long standing antitrust lawsuit.


4 thoughts on “Windows XP SP3

  1. Shoa: Thanks, miss the gang mate.

    Ali: Yah man after a long time I felt it too. I miss our Szab gathering, CS projects in lab 4 till 11.00 pm where Niz would kick out the administrator, and we would close the middle door and have the lab to ourselves. Me optimizing any system I could get my hand and as usual executing some GBs of software downloads (Zabnet ko pura wasool kiya), Shoa with his music, Niz playin cricket with Hassan (rubdy), Khawaja with his sufism lectures, bawa MSN meh hi pura hogaya.

    I miss our upcountry trips, gatherings at Shoa’s n rubdys place, so many memories. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, one good friend is equal to a thousand. How’s Ash settling in, pass my regards to her.

    Those were the days when MAANS and The Wizards ruled.

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