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Social Online Networking

Social Online Networking a not-so new phenomenon that has taken on the world, just as PC and console games have moved on to MMOG with WOW being one of the most popular.

I recently exited FB for it just didn’t make sense, at least for now. On which a colleague exclaimed, “the whole world is on FB”. Well the whole world is on MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Hi5, Friendster, the whole world was once on Orkut, and after some time something else will crop up and the blinded human zombies will jump to that.

When I joined FB it promised privacy all over and where you could communicate with your own niche circle: close friends, good friends, and relatives in a trusted secure environment.

Unfortunately, the concept was hijacked and turned into whose profile is better or ‘look ma I have 10^n friends’ where n approaches infinity. How can you have xxx friends and maintain privacy! Or what’s your point of being there.

Well, the initial excitement was there and you follow the trend. You wonder whether you are there to showcase your online foot print. People add you but three months down the line you haven’t even scrapped each other.

Talking about privacy, FB by default if you are on similar networks makes your profile fully accessible which I fortunately discovered recently, and realized someone could have been spying on me all along without me knowing. Blame it on me, for my lack of knowledge. But then mastering FB is a challenge on its own as it has hundreds of settings.

I have nothing to hide and could have ‘what the heck let em check’, I could have probably gone to a no network scenario and avoid such occurrence but trust is built on honesty and ethics and not gimmicks. If you want to know something go to the source directly you will know more. But then as they say there is no cure for suspicion!

May be, “I’ll be back”, or as I see it FB is just another fade.


Master Saanj

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