Monthly Archives: July, 2008

Cuil and Xobni

Cuil, a new search engine that wants to compete with Google to include results that Google omits. The interface and the way results are displayed is beautiful, however, the searches are poor. Xobni (inbox spelt reverse) is a new plug-in for Outlook that makes your experience faster and more efficient. It turns your mail-client to a social …

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Porter visits Kenya

Distinguished professor, Michael E. Porter of HBS today held a Microeconomics of Competitiveness workshop at Strathmore Business School. He is best known for his ‘Porter Forces’ which explain market dynamics. Last year he gave a presentation on “Global Competitiveness: Implications for Kenya” at SBS. Download the presentation here.

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Mombasa Serena

Took the boat from Mombasa Serena.

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