Process Explorer

Microsoft’s Process Explorer is an advanced Task Manager released for free after it acquired developer Sysinternals whose utilities I have used and written about in Spider.

Just yesterday, my other office system got infected with the latest and most lethal worm out there, and thinking I am The Guru thought would fix it in no time. However, I was bowled out big and bad. It was a like nuke, just devasted the poor dual-core system and sent it to ICU (IT) today to instill new life.

How the heck did I get the damn thing? Well just download Nero 9 throught µTorrent (BT client) and the setup was infected. RapidShare is always the best bet.


Buckle up, the world is headed to a global recession

Recent Nobel Prize winner, Paul Krugman and other economists recon that world is headed to a global recession. The amount of money pumped by central banks to stable the financial markets is a mind-boggling, number crunching in excess of US$ 2 trillion (billion is obsolete these days!)

Emerging economies will be worst hit, as spending across the globe will be cautious. If US does shit, it pollutes all. So what is the cause? The sub-prime mortgage crisis which first hit last year, or was it greed, as all financial institutions reported inflated profits, CEOs taking million in stocks, signing fees and bonuses. Investor confidence is pretty low despite the bailout plans, it just shows that the current financial markets were euphoria, figures created to please, to create jobs, profits, and for the Bretton-Woods institutes to tell us that the global economy is growing.

Global recession