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Kenya finally on fiber optics

Years of waiting and it’s finally here, although fiber optics is prevalent in organizations, and towns in Kenya are connected via fiber, it wasn’t the country’s backbone connection infrastructure. The main bottle neck was the outside gateway that was a terrestrial link through a massive radio antennae at Longonot base station inside Rift Valley. Most of Kenya’s bandwidth passes through here and out. Internet usage falls under CCK.

VSAT are allowed to be used by ISPs but are expensive. The Seacom link (1.28Tb/s) is one of three fibre cables to land in Mombasa, the others are EASSy (0.64Tb/s) and TEAMS (0.04Tb/s) project. This will finally bring true broadband speeds and cheaper prices to the country where the internet usage remains low due to high costs for consumers as most people browse at work or in cyber café’s.

Seacom project to increase affordable Internet access in Africa
Seacom link promises new telecoms era

Kenya finally on fiber optics


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