Where Eagles dare – Day 2

April 03: Heaven part I, west side.

Ater a tiring prior day, woke up at 6.00 am and were off at 8.40 am. It was drizzling out, windy and some icy temperatures.

It’s only when you step out of the hut that you realize how stunning the surroundings is, and was not visible last night. A different landscape, from the mountain forest now to moorland.

Took 9h to reach summit camp Shipton (4200M, 13800F) from Old Moses, arrived at 5.40 pm. Walked a distance of 14KM and gained an altitude of 900M! The ascent was a killer, and it rained heavily for like 3h. Dinner and over night at summit camp.

The walk was through the stream rich Mackinder valley.

Starting off from Old Moses, climb, climb, climb and cold, colder, coldest!

Where Eagles dare – Day 2

Where Eagles dare – Day 2

Can you see the hikers?

Where Eagles dare – Day 2

The rolling clouds finally caught us.

Where Eagles dare – Day 2

Oh God, why did I sign up for this.

Where Eagles dare – Day 2

Where Eagles dare – Day 2

After the having lunch, we descent slightly into the valley where the trek flattened and could see it over a very long distance as the rain still pounded. The path was a bog and nightmare, all wet and marshes. Wherever you step your foot goes through ankle deep in mud and cold water, It made walking so tough, and laborious! The whole day was one of the most unpleasant days of my life though the scenery all along was awe grapping. 🙂


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