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Bill Gates walks unnoticed into chemist

M$ Billy boy walked into a chemist in Eldoret yesterday unnoticed, looking to buy anti-malaria drugs stepping out of a motorcade of 4x4s with his security personnel. The chemist did not know who he was and most people in town saw him as another ‘mzungu’ (white man) tourist.

The world’s richest man Gates visits Kenya from time to time to check on his projects funded by the Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Hail falls in Nairobi

At 4.00 PM yesterday, the clouds darkened, the thunder roared, and a heavy downpour engulfed the city. The pea sized ice fell mostly in southern areas of the city as witnessed by many including folks at my place. By the time I reached home all of it had melted to my disappointment. No one took a pic!

Hail of larger size also fell in Nyahururu six days ago which the media incorrectly labeled as snow and delighted many surprised Kenyans to wake-up and see the front cover. Some say it was snow.