Every journey has a beginning,
Every beginning has an end,
Every end signals darkness,
Every darkness is engulfed by light,
Every light embodies hope,
Every hope lays a path,
Every path is a journey laid, but
The journey never begins,
The journey never ends…..

~ Master Saanj (Kenyan philosopher)

Welcome to my blog. Talking about me is a gross violation of the protocol, and deviation from the absolute divine. Stay here and learn, stay here and figure out, and one day you may catch a glimpse of me.

Contacting me is oblivion; the last transmission relay station to the Andromeda belt has broken down. There in I lie, jumping from one world to another.

Welcome to 99°Celcius.

Master: It is rumoured that Saanj is an alien, who visits Earth from time to time, intrigued by science and self made philosopher. At the heart of controversy with his theories (DOT).

Shayan: Globe trotter or nature lover perhaps, and so his contributions. Always in search for knowledge. Most likely to tweak his laptop for extra juice, and blasting away in FPS games. May the force be with him.

Editor: That’s me folks, trying to maintain the balance and sanity between them, the ying and yang. An arduous task indeed.

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